Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinkin' Walkin'

This morning's weight: 290.2

I'm starting to think more seriously about exercise. I was planning on waiting until I lose some more weight, and starting a serious walk-to-run program when I hit 250.  I am thinking maybe I should start now though, with the onset of spring and the sun coming out a little more.

I notice with my morning walks, I wake up and I feel energized.  The only thing I can think on doing though is to wake up another 30 minutes early and do my exercises then.  I am just WAY to beat at the end of the day.  Getting up at 5am sounds like such a drag though!   Instead (and I just came up with this)  I think that I will add a walk during my day.  I am sure I can get away with 30 minutes and just walk around the periphery of the building once.  Or twice, however much it ends up being.

I have so many recipes to add to the recipe pages! I have been making some phenomenal soups and salads.  I hope my work week isn't busy as I tend to write up my blog stuff when I am not too drowned in work...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reposting Positivity

This morning's weight: 291.4

I posted this on 3FC and am being lazy and don't want to reword it, but I think it speaks a lot to my current state of mind.  I posted it in the weekly "1 positive thing about me" thread.


My positive for today is that I actually can feel and see differences in my body - they kind of hit me like a ton of bricks (or at least, 41 lbs of bricks) last night and this morning: 1) I fit into a pair of pants that have been sitting in my closet for THREE YEARS that were too tight for me to wear (they are loose) 2) my wedding ring is slips right off my finger (used to be a struggle) 3) I can actually feel my knuckle bones when I put on lotion today and was sliding my fingers against themselves 4) a co-worker of mine just stared at me when I walked by and she said "wow - weight is just melting off of you" (she is the first one to say anything) 5) when I put on my tank-top this morning (which I have in 6 colors that I wear under everything) I noticed it's too loose -but I promised myself no major shopping until I reach goal so I will just have to make due. Maybe I should have saved these up for 5 different days so I could have something to reflect on all week

I had a mixed blessings positive/somewhat negative yesterday. It was my first time going out to eat since changing to healthy food. We went to a vegetarian restaurant (I may have influenced the choice more then a smidge HA) and I ordered a salad, dressing on the side, and bbq veggie kabob with cherry-almond quinoa. It looked great, it smelled great. but as soon as I started eating I realized the extraordinary amount of oil and butter that was used. Needless to say I ate very little as my calorie counting OCD kicked in, but worse, I started feeling like I was going to hurl. I had to take tums. I think that I ate maybe 1/4 c. of the quinoa and less than 1/2 c. worth of the veggies. SO now I am worrying about my trip to see my family in April - all we do is eat out for 3 days for 3 meals a day. So yeah, mixed blessings on eating TOO healthy, but I am really enjoying the cooking, and how great my skin is looking, and how I am losing weight and still eating loads of food.

Monday, February 22, 2010

TMI? Probably. And also daydreams.

This morning's weight: 291.4

I went nutso this weekend playing with layouts for this blog. I really wanted a tabbed top for the pages, but I guess blogger hasn't caught up with WordPress yet.  Now I just have to begin the slow process of transferring my recipes to this blog.

Last week I only lost 1.6 lbs.  I know that might seem plenty, but now I am used to losing 4+ lbs a week and I am not mentally prepared for the losses to start slowing down already!  I know it is going to slow down eventually, but the sloughing off sure is an awesome feeling; especially because I am working so hard and being so good with staying within my calorie allotment, no sugar, no processed white flour goods, and TONS of veggies and nutrient dense foods.

Of course, the lovely news is that I got on the scale this morning to a 2ish pound loss :D.  Is this because of TOM ending?  Is it because I was stuck in the bathroom last night at 2am for 35 minutes getting rid of what appeared to be the entire contents of the weekends veggie fest?  Who knows!  I hope it is a "whoosh week" as fellow blogger and 3fc'er Gracie789 calls them.  (Side note, love her blog! I think that she and I could be friends irl if we knew each other.  So many similarities, of course, the one glaring difference [religion] might put a halt on it, but maybe not!  If you want to read some really inspirational posts and amazing transformation in progress check her out.)

Something I have been thinking about, one of my major motivations at this time really, is the fact that none of my family live anywhere near me.  I have not seen any of them since November.  I am going to go down for a visit in April, and another in September.  I keep wondering how much weight I will have lost by the time I see them and if it will even be noticeable. 

If I am losing at the same rate I have been, by the time I visit in April, I will be down around 260 (translates into about a 70 pound loss in 4 months, I don't think this is a reasonable expectation).  If I lose just 10 lbs per month (which is quite reasonable) between now and then, I would be down around 270, a 60 lb loss since last I saw them.  I think it will be noticeable, at least somewhat.  And come September, if I lose 10 a month, it is foreseeable that I could be down to 230-220.  How cool would that be.  They would definitely notice then!

I do a lot of daydreaming about the future, and how I am going to look and feel.  This weekend, I noticed that I wasn't as stoked on getting healthy and I started thinking about what was bumming me out and I realized I hadn't been daydreaming and doing my "what ifs" that I tend to do when I am falling asleep or doing mind-numbingly boring house chores. I think the stall-out on my weight really effected my frame of mind.  I need to work on getting over that.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Working on Recipes

This morning's weight: 295.6

So I think that my other blog which I have been using for my recipe and food blog is going to go back to being my doggy and polymer clay jewelry blog.  Everything I am cooking these days is about healthy, low calorie food.  I think that it would do better here in a space where I am celebrating healthy choices, instead of being put on display for my foodie friends who wonder why in the world I would eat cabbage instead of pasta and can't fathom that it would be any good (which it totally is and I will include the recipe on the "dinners" page when I make it.

So with that in mind, keep your eyes peeled, my many fathoms of readers (google analytics tells me I am the only one reading this blog so far.  At least I have a record of everything!  I am already going back to read some stuff and it is interesting to see my thought processes)

As far as my wrasslin' with the scale today... I am glad to see that at the very least I am back to where I was on Sunday.  I am counting Sunday's weight as my official weight.   The thread on 3FC is now my awesome official weight space.  Thanks ladies for being there (she says to no one...)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

TOM & Pollan

This morning's weight: upswing

So this is my first menstrual cycle while having a scale since changing the way I eat.  It is totally creepy how the water retention makes for a huge gain.  "Scientifically" speaking, and looking at calories consumed vs. burned, I should be down 2 lbs since Sunday, or at 293ish.  But no.  I have been 298 since Monday morning.  The human body is a peculiar thing.

This past weekend I watched Food, Inc. I highly recommend it for anyone that eats.  It really makes you stop and take a look at where your food comes from, and how food has changed over the years.  The moral of the story is, the vast majority of us don't eat to well, something that I know and am trying to change.

In that same vein,  I picked up In Defense of Food, and it's little sister, Food Rules.  I recommend Food Rules to everyone.  It is a very dumbed-down, easy to get a grip on, fast read (and only 5 bucks!) that gives you a set of, well, rules but really more like snippets of common sense wisdom.  The science behind the rules are found In Defense of Food. The best part is the 7 word food eating guide Pollan has come up with:

Eat Food. Not too much.  Mostly Plants.

Brilliant, and elegant.  And words I am already trying to live by.  His simple way of describing what is FOOD as opposed to "foodlike substitutes" is so basic, and yet I think we westerners are just blind to it.  Mostly plants is easy.  My big problem is still "Not too much".  I love to be full to bursting - which is why I have chosen to give up bread for the most part so I can eat more salad and feel fuller. 

Baby steps...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodbye 300s!

This morning's weight: 298.2

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it feels to meet what to me is a HUGE goal, getting out of the 300s. I'm debating whether or not to post on 3fc and share it.

In other news, I went to my doc yesterday and she was simultaneously happy I am losing weight, and tutting that I am losing so fast. I guess 34 lbs in 6 weeks IS fast, but I attribute that to water weight and the fact that right now I have so much to lose. I just stared at her and wanted to say "LET ME HAVE MY GLORY WOMAN!"

The good part in all this is that now she is going to be monitoring me during the process. In 3 months, I am going in for a butt-load of blood tests including b-12, iron, and Vitamin D, which all may be compromised if I don't stay nutritionally sound.

I am excited for this as I took a full battery of blood tests around January 11, so right at the start of my change in diet. I will have to get comparison copies of both tests to post here so that my zero viewers can bask with me :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Pant Size Down

This morning's weight: 300.0

So I haven't "cheated" or gone over 1400 calories, or missed any walks, or anything, and I have only manged to drop .8 of a pound in 4 days? That doesn't even make sense! I expect that water weight may be partially to blame (I am PMSing hard now) but still... there is something so discouraging about the numbers on the scale even though I KNOW I can't focus on that and that alone.

I should be reveling in not only being a whole size smaller pant and shirt (which I am currently wearing WOO) but that the pants are already loose. Not belt worthy loose, but I can pull out the side a good inch and they were tight when I bought them 9 days ago.

I need to figure out better cooking strategies. I'm literally spending 2 hours every night cooking food. I've gotten too fancy. So that is my goal for next week. Figure out easier, faster dinners that are still delish and lunches that I won't get bored with.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Upwing Ponderings

This morning's weight: upswing from 300.8

I don't understand how the body can go up and down 1-3 pounds within a few hours. It is pretty fascinating. On the 4th, my morning weigh in was at 304.6, then it went up to 306 by the next day, and the following day back down to 302.6. Yesterday morning, I was at 300.8. I got off and on the scale 4 times and it remained steady. Last night before bed I checked again, and yep, 301. So how in blazes am I registering at 303 this morning?

I am having a lot of fun with cooking and trying to eat a bunch of nutrient rich foods. I notice how good the food is on the skin on my face; I'm super soft lately and relatively blemish free - the period is coming, so i do have a few ouchies, but my normal array of white heads on my schnozz have been non-existent.

This week I am going to try to not dwell on the weight upswings. I find myself getting depressed. I am also going to try to be more patient with myself. I am 32 pounds down, and feel frustrated that I am just barely one size down, and can't really see it otherwise. I need to remember that its only been like 5 weeks and give myself some slack

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This morning's weight: 304

I don't know why, but I have been RAVENOUS the last 2 days. I have been good and just stayed hungry (and chewed a lot of gum when it got really bad) in order to stay within my calories, but it hasn't been comfortable. I honestly think that it is some PMS as I have also been crying at the drop of a hat, and my weight loss has slooooooowed this week. I suppose there are still 3 days left in the week, but still. Little discouragements are no good for anyone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This morning's weight: 304.8

You see that? More calories (or the correct amount of calories I should say) and the weight dropped a few ounces. I looked up some information on "starvation mode" and it seems like my theory is actually based in fairly well known facts. I'm such a dope.

As full of energy I am in the mornings, I'm equally tired come about 3pm. Right now I am pretty beat and I didn't do anything different than any other day really.

A friend of mine said my face looks thinner to her. That's pretty neat :) I noticed I could reach a spot on my leg that I couldn't last month, that's even neater...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Long Road Towards Health: A Retrospective

I actually had this written down in my paper journal, but since I can now add to it, I figured I would transfer it here also.

August 2005 - quit smoking
July 2006 - quit the abusive ex
December 2008 - 95% quit eating sweets w/ refined sugar
September 2009 - started taking AM walks
January 2010 - counting calories, diet, added vitamins and green tea
January 2010 - quit drinking coffee

Met a Goal

This morning's weight: upswing from 305.4

I think I am seeing a pattern with my upswing weight and how much I am eating. And it is opposite of the obvious. This weekend I didn't eat enough calories, like, at all. Saturday I was at 944 and yesterday I only managed to get 877 in. I sleep in on the weekends and when I get up I just want to make jewelry or goof off on the internet, not eat. I end up eating breakfast for lunch and then an early dinner. There is no recovery at that point to get more food in.

That said, I am still recording today as 305.4, which means I met a goal today! Horay! I am at/under my February 1st On Track Goal Weight. Very exciting!

I am starting so have a lot of extra energy in the morning. I have been a morning person for a long time, but, for example, today I managed to clean the kitchen before work. Very peppy! It drives the husband crazy as he can barely move in the morning.

I am looking forward to actually being able to see a difference in my body. Right now, there is no visual difference. I fit into a 22/24 shirt (down from 26/28) and I bought, but am not yet comfortable wearing, a pair of 24 jeans, and I have had to tighten my belt 3 notches. Soon enough I suppose!