Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wishy-Washy, Determined, or Re-evaluation Savvy?

I can't do it - I can't stop my weight-loss journey when I am 24 pounds from high-maintenance weight.  My friend told me I have mental issues and should seek help because I felt guilty about eating 1600-1800 calories.  I think she may be jealous (I think this is the case for other reasons than that one statement - she said a couple of nasties to me yesterday, but I am OK with it.  I know I have done something amazing here and it is bound to cause an issue with the person who was used to being the "thin" one in the relationship.)

So, knowing that I am not ready to stop regulating my calorie intake, but also have more than a little concern about my hair thinning due to mal-nutrition issues, I have done some re-working of current plans and short term goals.

I am being diligent bout taking my Healthy Skin & Hair-Nails supplements twice a day (never read that I was supposed to have it twice a day on the label before. Duh) and my multivitamin and calcium at night.  I have also added Flax Seed oil supplements to my routine (30 extra calories a day - worth it if it helps my hair).  I am committed to having salmon twice a week - which is no skin off my back. I love me some salmon.  And I am committed to protein in every meal.  I am having a harder time adding fat to every meal, but I think my flax seed supplements will take care of that need.  Also, I went out and spent a LOT (to me) of money on some special shampoo and conditioner that is made for thin hair, Nioxin.

My calorie commitment is 1200 a day.  Yup, I knocked it way the hell down.  I hope the last month of 16-1800 is going to break the plateau I was in, and now this deficit will get the ball rolling.  So far, day 1 of my new commitment (July 5) I managed 1380 - whoops.  Day 2 I did 1169 - much better!  Of course, I am going out to lunch today with a co-worker, so who knows what today will be, but I will try to keep it light (side salad and ceviche should be under 400 leaving my dinner free to be 400).

My exercise routine is going along well.  Every other day I am jogging 32:30 which is about 2.5 miles, then a 3minute break, then another 6.5 mins / .5 miles to finish up.  On off days, I have been following a Jackie somethingorother DVD with the free weights on abs and upper body for 30 minutes, then a 40 minute hill climb (an elevation change of + 400 feet in 1 mile of road)  in my neighborhood with the mutts.  That said, I am listening to my body, and if I am feeling worn down, I take a break day.  So far it has seemed like I do 3-4 workouts in a row, and then my body wants a rest day.  I am good with that.

New short term goal:  I am visiting the hubs family the first weekend of November.  It would be great to lose 4 pounds a month until then.  So my wishful goal is to be 152 by the first weekend of November.  I am still firmly in size 10, but can't wait for my jeans to start loosening up a bit so I can be in single digit clothing.  That's gonna be a weird day ;)

Until next time (and who knows what changes I will have made by then LOL)