Monday, January 10, 2011

I was on track with exercise for 2011...

and immediately got derailed by a ridiculously bad cold!

I still feel pretty terrible, but at least at this point I can think cohesive thoughts and I don't feel like I am living in a fog or wading through jello (that is the best way I can describe the slooooow feeling this cold has given me).  As much as I loved spending time with my little nieces, perhaps letting the sickest one sleep in bed with me the first night while she hacked and coughed right in my face  for 6 hours wasn't the wisest of decisions.  But she is adorable, and I love her, so whatevs!

In any case, on Monday and Tuesday of last week, I took my 10  minute morning walks with the pups (5:30am UGH), and then my two 15-minute hilly walks during work breaks (and climbed 4 flights of stairs,  four times!).  Monday I did my Wiifit Yoga routine, and Tuesday I started my couch-to-5k (conservative) program.  And by Wednesday, I was knocked on my plentiful behind wheezing, runny nose, head ache, sore throat... the whole works.

Even though I am feeling better now (I will be doing my yoga tonight), I won't be getting back out in the cold weather to do my walk/run until my lungs stop feeling like they are trying to claw their way out of my chest.  I feel defeated and like I am letting myself down because I finally got myself pumped up to exercise, and I physically just CAN'T.  But, as the husband pointed out, just because I didn't start on  January 4 (my 1 year healthiversary) doesn't mean the rest of my year is screwed... I'm just off of my self-imposed schedule.

OK I pepped talked myself into feeling a little better about this.

For those curious, my exercise routine is as follows:
10 minute morning walk with the dogs
2x 15-minute walks during the day (during work breaks)
climb at least the 4 flights of stairs of my office building at least once a day
Tues, Thurs, Sat, work on couch to 5k (30 minutes of walk/run)
Wiifit Yoga for 30 minutes the other 4 days

If that routine doesn't do the trick of meeting my 2011 goal of  1 pound per week loss, then I am most likely going to be joining a gym to start weight training/toning.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Year On Track (137 pounds lost!)

Copied over from 3fc but keeping it here for prosperity too (much less detail then I was actually planning on since I have everything here in the blog already, but still nice to have)
On January 4, 2009 I set out to change my life.  I have never really dieted before, but I just knew a "diet" wouldn't work for me.  I needed a permanent lifestyle change that would be a FOREVER solution to my food issues.  After researching options, looking up the science behind weight loss, and reading up on nutrition, I started clean eating and calorie counting.

When I started, I told myself I would stay on track for 1 FULL year before giving up, and I would re-evaluate at that time.  So here I am, my most important mini goal has been met.  I have not had a cheat day/meal in 365 days, and I have a loss of 137 pounds to show for it (with very little exercise).  The nitty-gritty details of how I did it can be found on my blog, here.

Onto the pictures! (see photo page, here)

More importantly than looking better, here is a small smattering of some of the physical and health related changes I have since losing the weight:
  • I can cut my toenails without holding my breath and leaning to the side to do so
  • My feet don't hurt at the end of the day anymore
  • I can easily climb 3 flights of stairs (and not even be winded!)
  • I no longer wake up all night from sleep apnea
  • Even better, I no longer wake up with stomach acid in my throat and lungs and don't have to down antacids before going to bed nightly
  • My diabetes is gone
  • The nerve pain I had running from my lower back and into my thigh is gone
  • My NASH / fatty liver cleared up
  • I barely break out anymore
  • I can bend and stretch and move in ways that I didn't even know I couldn't do
  • My hands don't fall asleep much anymore

My goal weight is still 55 pounds off, and I know that the next year is going to be more of a challenge then the last.  I have issues with getting enough exercise, but that must be my next step in order to reach my final goal, a "normal" BMI.

I suppose I could go on and hit ya'll with an even larger wall of text but I'll spare you :) My blog (link in my signature) holds all kinds of information if you are still interested though!

Thanks to you all for your motivation and kind words.  I don't think I could have done this without you 3FC chicks and roosters as a big portion of my support system.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a New Me

The last year has gone by in a flash.  I look back and part of me thinks, "geez, that was so easy, why didn't you do it sooner?" and of course the answer is, "I wasn't ready yet."

On the other hand, if you would have told me last New Years Day, as I was shoveling gingerbread cookies (I ate an entire tin of 100 cookies between December 23 and Jan 2) in my mouth that I would be 137 pounds lighter in just a year, I would have laughed and said you were crazy!  I would definitely not have believed that such a huge weight loss could be done without surgery, without a specific diet, and without lots of exercise, and by me, Mrs. I See-It-So-I-Must-Eat-It. 

The weird part is, and I don't really like to tell people this when they ask me about my journey... it has been easy.  The most problem I have has was the week before the holiday break from work when folks brought in home-made baked goods.  I did not allow myself to have any, but, I broke down into tears like a psychopath. I wrote about it on 3fc. 

When I decided to start this journey, I set out to do this 100%. I figured, why go to a partial effort? So, that's the way I have approached every single day.  When I feel temptation, I go through a mental check and balance: If I eat X, then this is the result.  And then I either have the item, or I don't depending on what it is.  I say 'no' to certain things though (sugar, breads that aren't whole grain, rice) and am honest with myself about the consequences of over-eating (if I have 2 tablespoons of cashew butter now, I cannot have popcorn later). It has worked for me.

I think my real challenge with this weight loss process is about to start and I am nervous about the coming year.  I am not going to be having the automatic encouragement of seeing weight melting off with almost zero effort (other than not eating like I have 2 butt-holes, as my dear friend Chris once put it hehehe).  There are new changes I need to make, and it is a challenge that I have not really had to face. As anyone who has kept up on this blog knows, exercise is my downfall.

If I want to make it to 140 by this time next year, I am really going to have to start motivating myself to figure out an exercise I like doing or else I am just going to have a super hard time.  I try to do my walking EVERY day, but I am finding myself with excuses more often than not.  I have my wiiFit that I have used all of twice since getting it at the beginning of February. I also know that I should really be doing some strength training for toning, just to start getting some shape happening here because so far, I am pretty lumpy under all of this fat. The most developed part of my musculature are my huge solid calves what with having to carry around a third of a TON all of my adult life (geez that sounds terrible, but it's the ugly truth).

I don't really like the idea of New years Resolutions, but I certainly have a few goals I would like to meet in 2011:
1) get down to "normal" weight for my height, 140 pounds (lose 54.8 pounds)
2) get an exercise routine down
  2a) do couch to 5k/ start running
  2b) get some strength training in / join gym?
3) make a friend that I know IRL and not just online/ maybe an exercise partner? (any of you readers in the Bay Area?  LOL)

So Happy New Year to a New Me! Hopefully next year I will be able to greet myself in exactly the same way :)