Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Gosh I didn't notice that a whole month+ has passed since my last blog post! Time is just flying by.

Not a lot has changed since my last post.  I did make it to "overweight" status 2 weeks ago, so that's awesome!  I really put an emphasis on the word "overweight" vs "obese" in my last post.  Now that I am on other side of the goal, I feel differently.  The BMI scales are so ridiculous that I don't put all that much celebration in the status itself, it's just another goal I met in my long list of goals :)  Weirdness to have that change of heart.

I weighed in at 167.8 last weekend, a mere 1.8 pound from my huge 166 goal.  Of course, now I am back up to 170.2 as of a couple days ago.  My eating has been fine, although I did have a couple days where my calories were up around 1500.  I also had a couple days in the 1100s, so it's not fat weight, its either water weight, muscle weight, or poop.

TMI moment: I don't poop nearly enough.  I feel bloated and gassy and full like ALL the time.  I think it is because I have almost 0 fat intake. I am trying to remedy that by having 2% yogurt (instead of fat free) at lunches, and trying to use more oil when I make stir-frys (instead of dry pans or sprays) but it's not really helping.  I think I may start drinking prune juice, but I really hate squandering calories on juice.  Honestly, only having a BM once every 3 or 4 days, and it not being very much is really starting to get tiring.  So I may just have to trade off dessert for juice a couple times a week =( Sucketh.

About the idea it may be muscle weight, I have really upped my exercise regimen a lot in the last 5 weeks.  I am doing 6:30-7:00 mins of jogging (which I lovingly refer to as my grandma jog because it is slow and ponderous still at this point) to 1-1:30 mins of walking now, which is roughly two full miles over 30 minutes. How cool is that?! I have also changed my route in that I am on a trail with quite a bit of elevation change for two of the cycles.  In addition, I found a hiking trail that I am trying to hit on my off days which is a 700 foot elevation change over 2 miles (give or take), so its a HUGE workout on my legs.  I have only done it a couple times now due to the stupid rain, but it is a regimen that I am looking forward to keeping up.  In any case, my legs are getting pretty solid under this layer of fat!

I found myself thinking about discovering these hikes and nature paths due to me getting out to exercise.  And more importantly, being physically able to make it the 3/4 mile to the path, and up the huge 700 ft hill to the hike area.  I feel like I am finally living, maybe for the first time ever.  That sounds weird and cliche, but I can't think of something better.  Being physically able to do stuff I couldn't do before is liberating.  This is a whole new world and it is exciting for me to discover I am doing something I would never have thought possible before.

My next goal, aside from 166, is to keep up with the hikes, add another mile to my runs (and switch my route back to the flat surface street while I work up to it before switching back to the trail.. that shit is HARD), and be able to fit in 10s, if I am not already in 10s.  I haven't gone to try on clothes in a long while to know my size.  Maybe a visit to somewhere is in order and see if my goal needs to be to fit into 8s.  That would be rad.

The dreaded skin issues are really starting now.  It's so gross - but way better than when the skin was so fulll of fat.  Now, I still have plenty of weight to lose, so it's only going to get worse, but good gods, I have skin folds on my pubic region.  Nobody told me that was going to happen!  The underneath of my arms are starting to look like a stretched balloon after deflation, and my ass/thigh region is all wrinkly. I need a full friggen' body lift.  Oh and don't get me started on the boobs.  I used to be a 44H, now I am a 32DDD.  Talk about sagging... although, I did get a couple of terrific bras and they totally look great under clothes, so there is that.

In non-weight news, we made an offer on a house and it sounds like the bank accepted the offer.  We are going to hear about it very soon methinks.  Very exciting!  Between the health and weight loss lifestyle (which is both time and mentally consuming), switching gears into home remodel/decor mode, and doing my jewelry making, my life is getting pretty hectic!