Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm almost overweight.

So, in 4 measly pounds, I will be out of the obese category.  The mind-bogglingness of this really can't be put into the written word.  I think one needs to experience for oneself how going from a "super-morbidly obese" adult down to "overweight" to really understand the impact of that little word.  Overweight.  People bemoan being overweight.  The bane of a lot of people's existence is being overweight.  And here I am, almost loopy with joy with the prospect of being overweight.  Even though in my brain I know that the BMI categories are complete hooey, it means SO MUCH to me, more than any other number has to this point.

The double whammy though is that my next big goal, after reaching the overweight category, is now 9 pounds away for me: a  weight of 166.  At 166 pounds, I will have also lost 166 pounds.  I will have indeed lost myself in weight.  When people say "you have lost a whole person" (and they do already) I can point to myself and say "Yep. I have lost THIS person".  I am excited to see how I feel on that day.  It is another mind-eff.   There will be celebratory photos taken!  I don't expect to reach that point for another 2 months though, so I need to calm the heck down ;)

My jogging is going well! I am up to 4:30 jog to 3:00 walk.  Of course, my last 2 runs have been lame.  Yesterday I got a serious case of heart burn and indigestion right when I left so I could only do half the jog, and my the last day before that I blew my knee out somehow and couldn't even walk that night let alone jog. 

Tonight is my first night I will be following a strength training CD I just purchased from Amazon.  All the reading I have done has been saying that cardio is not enough for total health and putting on some muscle will help with metabolism as well as sagging skin issues (and good gravy are there sagging skin issues.  In some spots,  I look like a 95 year old man who has spent his life in the Sahara).  I am not really wanting to do the gym thing since 1) I am lazy 2) I am cheap 3) I am moving soon so joining a gymlocal to me NOW might not be local to me in the next few months - so this video seems like a good alternative.  Stay tuned for updates on me trying to get some muscles (pronounced mus-CULS)!

Also, I am really dying for some chocolate cake (there has been a homemade cake sitting out on the credenza in my front office since 9am.  I have not touched it) and ice cream (husband made me go to Cold Stone yesterday so he could have a caramel shake. The kid behind the counter couldn't find the nutrition info for the Sinless ice cream so I opted not to partake and  just watched husband eat).  I don't normally have ridiculous junk-food cravings.  I have been chewing sweet (sugarless) gum like mad all day and it has helped somewhat.  Tonight I shall indulge in my fajita salad with a generous portion of frozen fruit "ice cream" for desert and wallow in my awesome self control  while fiddling with my now-prominent collar bones ;)

Until next time...