Friday, June 4, 2010


Let me just start this by saying, "I know, I know BABYSTEPS" and "start easy, and pace yourself".  Yadda yadda yadda.  So I am not *really* down on myself here.  This is just some tongue-in-cheek ranting about my [complete lack of] fitness and oh so wonderful first day of my new especially-designed easy-mode exercise program.

So I made an exercise plan over the past 2 weeks while I had a cold and couldn't start it yet.  I think the plan was pretty solid.  Morning walk with the dogs daily like I do every day (20 minutes); then after work, another 20 minute walk, then stretching (I have a great sheet printed out with like 20 stretches that gets your whole body).  3 days a week, I would do free weight (5 pounds) and floor exercises; I had 20 exercises printed out and ready to go.  The other 3 days I would use my awesome new "Bellydancing 101" DVD and start having some fun!  7th day would be rest and/or longer walk day with the pups.  Sounds solid, right?

So today began day 1 of this new great plan, let me give you my one word review on the state of my fitness: PATHETIC and maybe also LAUGHABLE.

This is what I managed to accomplish: Both walks, that's easy.  Broke out into an frakkin' sweat just doing the stretches.  I was hoping to do 1 set of 10 reps on each of the 20 exercises. I got through 10 exercises people.  TEN.  I couldn't even do 10 reps on all of them!  I could only do 5 push ups, and a couple of the upper arm exercises just killed me.  If hubby wasn't helping me keep form, I would have failed miserably on the forearm exercises too.  My muscles were twitching.  I was giggling like a loon at the seeming futility of the whole thing.

And so, I am back trackign a baby step.

New plan: 2 walks a day. 3 days a week, upper body free weight exercises (all 10 of them, yep).  3 days a week lower body floor exercise (the other 10).  7th day Bellydancing maybe, prolly just settle for the longer walks for now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exercise? It's time.

What a nice surprise to have a big week!  Of course, I will still under par for the month as a whole - but again, still ahead of the game with a 10 pound loss!

I felt so good about the weight loss that I did what I told myself I wouldn't do - I went clothes shopping, at Old Navy no less.  Not only did I fit into their shirts and skirts and sundresses, I don't even wear the largest size. WHAT?!!  SO awesome.  I almost started crying as I was trying on the clothes from a normy store :)  Their jeans are a joke though. I couldn't even get the 20s over my thighs.  Maybe it is my thighs that are the joke...  I also cleaned out my closet further.  I have 2 big bags to take to the Good Will, plus a couple of coats.  That is one thing I still need to go get - new sweaters and jackets.  I am swimming in all of my old warm gear.

I had a dream this weekend (the second time I had the same dream actually) that when I visited my family, they saw no difference in weight loss and didn't mention it. It was really a stressful and sad dream.  I guess I am more pumped then I thought about my grand unveiling in August to a group of people that don't even know I am "dieting".

I caught myself driving with my foot up on the seat in front of me yesterday.  That is the way I always used to drive cos it is comfy. I don't know when I stopped doing that - I guess why my tummy got too big to allow room to do that.  But it was natural and comfortable when I did it this weekend.

I am gearing up for increasing my exercise.  I've already increased my morning walks.  I am adding afternoon walks (same length) which hubby has agreed to come on with me which will be my warm-up.  Then stretching - I have a nice sheet printed out which has about 15 stretches to do.  I bought 5 pound free weights, and have picked 15 or so exercise to do which will be my routine 3 days a week.  On the other 3 days, I bought a belly dancing DVD to start doing.  And then 1 day of rest / free choice (maybe longer walks for the doggies) As soon as this damn cold is over, that is.  Nine days and counting. Lame.

So why Belly dancing?  I don't know how I found it - I think it was an accidental click on youtube - but OMG I am in LOOOOVE with belly dancing, and how sexy and gorgeous the moves are.  And there is all this fusion belly dancing that is so amazing to watch.  I know I will never be able to move like these women, but seriously, endeavoring to try looks like so much fun!  Some links as examples: Sadie (traditional)  Rachel Brice (tribal fusion) Another Brice Industrial-fusion I could watch these videos all day.