Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This morning's weight: 188.8

IF is magical.  For real.

I was down to 187.8 as of 9/27 which means I had lost roughly 6 pounds in  3 weeks while eating 1600+ calories a day and binging on cashews like they were going out of style.  For me, that is amazing as I tend to either gain or maintain eating 1600.

Anyway, I went out of town on 10/2 and ate more freely then I usually do (read: I actually ate some bread, and had an entire hamburger AND fries.  That is crazy of me...) .  I came home on 10/9 and my weight was back up at 192.  Here I am, 1 week later, and I am almost back where I started.  So excellent.

I had to remove nuts from my diet (here goes my all-or-nothing nonsense again) because I can't control myself.  I am also trying to hit 1200 calories and stay there during the week.  Weekends I am not even counting calories, just trying to maintain a level head.

I have to admit I have less energy and am more sleepy this week with the calories so reduced.  I really hope that it is temporary.  Time will tell!