Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doin' Great and Feelin' Fine!

It seems that the reduction of calories and increasing my activity has kick started my weight loss again.  HORAY!

Since I last posted, I have started jogging a FULL 5k (3.1+ miles) 3 times a week.  How cool is that!?  When I started, it was taking me roughly 42 minutes.  Now I am doing 38-39 minutes.  I am not pushing myself, it is jut sort of naturally speeding up on it's own, which is super cool.  I have also been good about my toning DVD and hilly walk on my non-run days.  And even about letting myself have a rest day when it is needed, usually just 1 day a week, but it is sometimes 2 days.

My hair is feeling and looking so much better.  It is not an tangled mass of thin straw anymore.  It is very silky.  I am not really seeing an increase in thickness of it yet;  if there is going to be thick increase, I won't see that for MONTHS as it starts growing back in.  But, I have noticed that my nails are growing at a phenomenal rate.  I hope that means the same is happening on my head.

It is REALLY hard for me to stick to 1200 calories a day, but I am trying hard.  I am letting myself have a bigger day on one weekend day (1500-1600) just to keep my body guessing.  I am far from perfect on this though.  My last week as been like this, calorie-wise:
Thur 1128
Fri 1181
Sat 1623
Sun 1259
Mon 1306
Tues 1364
So I have definite room for improvement since the average there is 1310.  It is just so hard since my breakfast is roughly 550 calories, I only have 700ish to spread across 2 more meals, and I usually want a snack - but I have been trying not to have one since that is always the reason my days go over 1200.  Oh well.. there is always room for improvement and this is where mine is right now.

Not much else is happening weight journey wise.  In non-related news, we are moving along with the house. Contractors have been coming out and I am expecting the bids to come pouring in soon.  We move in less than 2 months.  Exciting stuff!  This is my first home that is MINE - not rented, and not my parents.  So weird.

Until next time...