Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some measurements for posterity!

This morning's weight: 201.8 (but 207 at the docs 6 hours later.  Bodies are the silliest)

5/28/14 Cholesterol 188
5/28/14 123 / 82
8/12/14 Electrolytes all came back within normal range
8/12/14 Calcium 8.7 (too low by .1)

I haven't yet gone over 50 net carbs, but I also haven't met my calorie restrictions; I am having too much fun with cream :( After so many years of no fat, its like perma-party up in here.

I better crack down if I want to see some actual weight loss...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Keto Calculator

This morning's weight: 203.8

I went to to get my goals, and this is what it looks like for me:

 personal macros:
1325kcal Daily Calorie Intake
40g Carbohydrates (12%, 160 kcal)
80g Protein (24%, 320 kcal)
94g Fat (64%, 845 kcal)
here is a visual representation of  macros and  deficit. The size of each area is correctly scaled based on my ratios.

Weight MaintainenceYour TargetDeficit
1892 kcal1325 kcal567 kcal

Friday, August 8, 2014

Oy Vay

This morning's weight: 203

Things have been rough.  It's been another year.  I am giving something else a shot.

My foot injury put me in a funk and I grew tired of measuring measuring measuring. My weight was up to 212 on 6/30/14 so I went full-hog calorie counting like mad (1000-1200 a day) and exercising 5x a week (C25k and lifting).  I lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks.  Then my brother came to town and I had quite a great time - but I ate all sorts of starches that I shouldn't have and this morning I am 203.

This week I have been obsessively learning all I could about the High Fat, Low Carb lifestyle.  I am fascinated by the research that is currently being done, and the light that is being shed on the old research.  If anyone reading this is interested, I highly suggest you watch the Fat Head documentary and if it grabs your attention the way it did mine, you will be looking up info left and right, too!

So, in the interest of SCIENCE  I am going to use my blog track  any progress I make and how I am feeling.

While I am already pretty much low carb, I don't think I have been keeping myself low enough to be in ketosis.  I think I have a leg-up on most newbie HFLCers because I gave up the sugar and bread years ago. I just have to watch my veggie intake to keep it low as can be, and no more fruit, which is hard.  But, fruit is just nature's candy and spikes blood sugar like mad, so I will have to keep that in mind.  I am also going to keep track of calories for a while.  Since I am watching carbs anyway (switched to MyFitnessPal since there is a great app for it) the calories are right there.  I am shooting for under 1600 a day, but I am not goign to be too hard on myself for the first few weeks while I adjust to actually eating fat.

Carb goals are def under 50, but I am going to shoot for net  20.  I really like my veggies though so that is making me edgy.

Guess we will see...