Thursday, April 27, 2017


Nice woosh this morning, but I do wonder if it is the real deal.  Guess I will know tomorrow morning!

I went through and updated some pages that are linked in the tabs at the top, namely the Plan, Goals, and Measurements pages.  It was all stuff I was going to write in my post today, but I've been working on it for over an hour so I'm not going to reiterate here.  My future self (and only reader of this blog) will just have to go back and look at those pages for where my head was today by looking there!

I have a Withings scale which I got back in April, and now I linked the scale's app to my Fitday page, which is linked to my tracker here on the top of this page.  It is so crazy that I weigh myself in the morning, and anyone who looks at this page or my posts on 3fc immediately know how much I weigh. Talk about serious, immediate accountability!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

241.9 - ReBooting is Hard to Do

I made the sad decision to update my signature on 3FC to more accurately reflect my journey.  It used to be so full of progress and things to be impressed with =(  I just wanted to preserve it here so that I could take honest looks back one day:

Start Date: January 4, 2010, 332 lbs.
100 pounds down: August 10, 2010
Onderland!: December 12, 2010
One Year later: 137 lbs lost
Half of me (166 lbs. lost & weight): June 5, 2011
ReStart February 2017 253.6 
Normal BMI (140 lbs):
High maintenance weight 132:
Low maintenance weight (GOAL) 127:

So now it only has what currently matters:
Start Date: January 4, 2010 - 332 lbs.
Lowest Weight: December 19 2012 - 143.6 lbs.
ReStart! February 2017 - 253.6 lbs.
Goals: 'Normal' BMI, 140 lbs // Maintenance weight, 132 lbs


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Working on something new; stay tuned for more info!

For now, suffice it to say that I gained up to 256, but have lost 14ish pounds since trying to make positive changes again.