Monday, May 15, 2017


You know what is super freaking annoying? When you are trying super hard to stay on track (and I am on track; 1200 calories a day of WFPB meals with just a little wiggle up to 1350 or so on Saturday) but your body decides that it just wants to play teeter-totter with the scale. Look at this nonsense from the last week:

05/08: 235.8 (-1.6)
05/09: 236.0 (+0.2)
05/10: 234.6 (-1.4)
05/11: 235.6 (+1.0)
05/12: 236.4 (+0.8)
05/13: 234.9 (-1.5)
05/14: 236.7 (+1.8)
05/15: 235.2 (-1.5)

That's a net loss of 0.6, which I guess is nice (but should really be closer to a loss of 2 lbs according to the records of what I was losing last time around on this many calories per day) but omg the ups and downs are SOOOOOOOO disheartening. I am working so hard on keeping things out of my mouth that I shouldn't be eating! I really want to see the evidence on the scale and not have to continually reassure myself that I am doing good things for myself.


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